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We offer the following list of services:


  • Transportation of dangerous, large-tonnage and oversized cargo
  • Obtaining a permit for transportation of oversized and heavy cargo depending on type of transportation (international, inter-regional or local) and category of cargo;
  • Representation of special transport (low-frame platforms with loading capacity from 20 to 80 ton) for transportation of heavy and oversized cargo (cranes, escalators, heavy equipment, farming machines and etc)4
  • Marketing and information services;
  • Consultation referred to organization of transportation;
  • Custom services
  • Development of schemes of mounting and loading of oversized cargo
  • Transportation of dangerous, large-tonnage and oversized cargo;
  • Supervision of cargo during transportation
  • Lending of containers
  • Organization of cargo supply on the basis of scheme "door-to-door";
  • Acceptance and forwarding of all cargo within the territory of Kazakhstan, the CIS and other foreign
  • Estimation of price for cargo supply
  • Developing of optimal transportation routs;
Services in motor-car transportations
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